My Fountain pen database

I have been doing some "tinkering" with my fountain pen database during the last week, most has been cosmetic changes to adjust the screens to display my twelve pens in use more attractively. The image below is my main in-use pens dashboard. FPDB1

This is the detailed screen for a single pen, this screen has tabs that hold enlarged images from the summary tab


This database is also used to track my collection and provide a proposed next pen, nib and ink into use. Below is the selection details for my next pen into use. This Sailor only has one nib available to it so its selection is pretty boring, this screen also proposes the next four inks that are due to be used in this pen.


The pen after the Sailor due to be used is a Pelikan M620 and it has far more nibs available to it, nib displayed is the next nib by size that is due to be used.


I am so geeky I know... :)