Pilot Namiki Falcon SF Spencerian Flex inked with Noodler's Black Swan in Australian Roses

The afternoon seemed to move so slowly - I was watching the clock waiting for the time that I could head for home with the tiny package that is the Falcon Soft Fine nib section that has the John Mottishaw's Spencerian Flex custom grind. PN109208_20130318_TN

It doesn't look that different from a normal one.


I must apologise for my poor excuse for writing. I need to practise - perfect practise makes perfect apparently. I will post some better writing samples in the near future.


This nib is amazing, once I get more proficient I can see some lovely writing in the future You do need to apply a decent amount of pressure to get the widest line - It is not a vintage wet noodle by any means.


Such good label art on this bottle.


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