Pelikan M620 New York inked with Noodler's American Eel Turquoise

The good thing about only having six pens in use rather than twelve is that I get through them quicker. Next up is the New York cities series pen its moulted black and off-white colouring is supposed to represent the buildings of the city but I think it looks more like the pattern on a Friesian cow. I like an extra-fine nib to journal and generally writing at the office, this 18K version is a good writer. PN148177_20130509_web

The ink, Noodler's Turquoise American Eel (the plunger lubricating version) is a very pretty ink, it shades too, any ink that will shade in an extra-fine nib gets my approval!


Not quite the plain catfish label - I surmise the canyon scene is a reference to the fact that quite a large amount of Turquoise gemstone was mined in the Southwestern part of the USA.